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Florida Title Center is committed to providing you with the Real estate title services that your property needs. Get in touch with one of our title's specialists for the personalized service you deserve.

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Florida title center is a title company who committed to excellence. Since our founding in 2009, we have been working hard to ensure our clients receive the best closing experience in FLORIDA. Our team of professionals offers unparalleled customer support and expert advice. Learn more about what we do by contacting one of our professional consultants for a free estimate. You’ll be surprised to learn what we can offer you and your business.

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FTC providing you with a full line of Real Estate transaction and transfer services. Our experienced and professionals real estate skills in the local and industry-wide expertise, giving you the opportunity to go through a smooth buying and selling process with a peace of mind. We assure that you are receiving a new home with the clean title without any prior mortgages, liens, judgments, UCC  and any other types of entitlements at the time the Title is transferred to you. Our  Title services include:


Florida Title Center provide title insurance and related services for the real estate industry in Florida. Our specialized agents are specialists in all real estate transactions.


Loan policy:

The majority of lenders require a Loan Policy when they issue a mortgage loan. A Loan Policy only protects the lender’s interests and not the buyer. The Lender Policy ensures that the financial institution has a valid, enforceable lien on the Real Property. The Policy amount is up to the amount of the outstanding debt. The value of the policy decreases as the loan principal is paid down and expires when the mortgage is paid in full.

 Owners Policy:

Owner’s title insurance issued in the amount of your real estate purchase. The title insurance fee is a one-time fee that charges at closing and lasts for the duration of your ownership of the property. Owner’s title insurance is the only policy that fully protects the buyer in the event of problems with the chain of title. By purchasing owner’s title insurance, you are also ensuring against any legal fees that may arise in defending a claim to your title. The Owner Policy protecting you from problem defects. Those problems remain undisclosed even after a meticulous search of the public record. Possible hidden defects can be in your title: Errors in public records; Unknown liens, Illegal deeds, Forgery, Undisclosed heirs; undiscovered encumbrances.


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